Can I gift my wife £30,000 without owing HMRC any money?

David Wesley-Yates
30 October 2018


If I gift my wife £30,000, will either of us have to pay tax on it?



Married couples and civil partners are allowed to pass cash and assets between each other free of inheritance tax (IHT). In other words, the surviving spouse can receive a gift of £30,000 in life or from the estate on death without having to pay IHT.

They can also pass on their unused tax-free allowance to their spouse. For example, if a husband were to die so long as his estate was under £325,000, his wife can take his allowance and add it to her own tax-free allowance.

Gifts of assets or cash to one’s spouse do not attract capital gains tax (CGT) and so your gift of £30,000 to your wife will not attract CGT.