Virgin apologises for the late arrival of customer’s refund

12 February 2018

Simon Read helps a reader who's refund from Virgin Trains didn't show up for months.

On 10 September 2017, I bought tickets to travel to Edinburgh at the end of October 2017. Later, I had to change the return date. According to the policy of Virgin Trains, I couldn’t exchange the tickets, but had to buy entirely new ones for the new trip. I did and raised the request for a refund of the initial set of tickets, which cost £147.75, on 7 October 2017.

Now, it is 30 November and the status is still pending. I called service and wrote to customer service, but the only reply that I got was that my “refund is ready for processing”. I like the Virgin brand, but this kind of service is very disappointing...


It is disappointing and needlessly so. When I contacted Virgin Trains, it moved as quickly as one of its Pendolino trains. The company wrote to you to apologise for the delay and refunded the full cost of the original tickets. That pleased you but also left us both puzzled.

“It is good news, but it’s a pity that it takes two and a half months and your inquiries to move things forward,” says MS. “I wonder why it delayed it in the first instance and I wonder if there are more people affected still waiting for their refund?” That’s a fair question!

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Simon Read is a money writer and broadcaster. He was the last personal finance editor at The Independent and is an expert on BBC1’s Right On The Money. 

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