Parcel Monkey are not delivering the goods

20 June 2012


I recently tried to send a package using Parcel Monkey. I booked the service on 3 April, paying for next-day delivery.As I had paid extra for this I expected my parcel to be collected from me the next day but this didn't happen. There is no phone number listed on the website so I had to use an online forum area to try to find out what had happened.I was told there had been an error and the parcel would be picked up the next day. However, it's now nearly two weeks later and I'm still in the same situation.All I've received from the company are blanket messages stating that the package will be collected on the following day and instructions to print off yet another shipping label.Eventually, I emailed and asked for compensation and was told that the terms and conditions of the service meant orders can only be cancelled if items are delivered more than five days late.But surely my case should warrant compensation - it's been more than five days, I've still got the parcel and it's impossible to get answers.I've been completely fobbed off by this company. It's no wonder Parcel Monkey is internet-based - its customer service skills are non-existent.
Jen Reid, Dumfries


Five minutes of research into Parcel Monkey brought up several responses from disgruntled customers with similar experiences to Jen. Most were related to problems with the service - either through parcels being late or not arriving at all - and then it being impossible to contact the company or get any kind of compensation for lost items.

In Jen's case, she had no luck getting hold of anyone so we tried to get some answers. On the website there was no sign of a press office or a phone number so our only option was to fill out the support centre form and await a response.


Ryan Lisk, head of Parcel Monkey's legal department, responded to us and soon after he got in touch with Jen, apologised for what had happened and offered a refund. He said the problem with Jen's parcel occurred because of issues with the carrier it uses, City Link.

"I can confirm that we are now talking with Ms Reid to make sure compensation is received for the poor level of service she received and we hope that, despite this inconvenience, she remains a loyal customer of ours," he says. However, while it's good Jen's case was solved, it seems the threat of media coverage is the only way to get through to Parcel Monkey.

"I am certain without your intervention this matter would still be ongoing," says Jen, and we think she might be right.

What to do when a parcel goes missing

There are hundreds of options available when it comes to sending things by post and it's confusing wading through the details to find out what service you need.

It can be even harder, as in Jen's case, to sort out problems when things go wrong. To safeguard against this, the best thing to do is make sure you read all the details at the start so you're clear about what's covered and more importantly what isn't.

If you do need to claim compensation you'll need to provide evidence of posting and of the value of the item. This means you need to keep all of the paperwork, such as any original receipts for the items you're sending and the certificate of posting.

However, unless specified, it's not guaranteed you'll get anything back. For example, Royal Mail will only pay compensation for valuable items (up to £2,500) if you've used its Special Delivery service.

And if you find yourself without any evidence of postage, with Royal Mail you'll only be able to receive up to six first-class stamps to make up for your loss.