Orange lost my money

27 September 2012


Six months ago, I terminated my mobile phone account with Orange but I still have outstanding credit of £55.47. I have been promised a cheque on a number of occasions but I am yet to receive it. Most recently, I was told that a cheque was posted first class on 4 June but it never arrived.I have spoken to a customer services adviser and her supervisor but they still can’t find out what has happened to the cheque and they say that because their system has not generated the credit note they can’t process the refund.I cannot understand what the problem is. Please can you help?
Poojah Shah, London


It's frustrating when call centre staff aren’t able to resolve basic administrative problems or override systems when it is evident that a customer is out-of-pocket. It is not the level of customer service you expect when you enter into a long-running contract.


However, we are pleased to say that having passed on Poojah's complaint to Orange, the outstanding credit on her account has now been repaid. It claims that the delay was because of a technical error.

A spokesperson for the company said: "Thank you for bringing the case of Poojah Shah to our attention. We have now resolved this to the customer's satisfaction and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused."