MyHermes says my bag has 'gone'

16 March 2018

Moneywise helps a reader whose valuable package was lost by MyHermes.

I sent a £300 Porsche Design handbag via parcel delivery company MyHermes as a Christmas gift. However, I didn’t take out insurance for the item. The company’s customer service originally said it had been delivered, but then changed its mind to ‘Lost’ and then ‘Gone’. That was five days after the initial pick-up, and I didn’t find out until after Christmas that it hadn’t arrived. I emailed the senior management about it and was offered £20 plus a refund of the £9.29 postage charge. Can you help?


Yet another tale of woe about a valuable lost package. My advice would be to hand-deliver where possible, which can also be an excuse to take the time to meet up with cherished friends and family.

Failing that, I would always take out delivery insurance in case things go wrong. I think anyone selling items online should build into their charge the cost of delivery insurance so that no one loses out if things go wrong.

The good news is that in this case Hermes decided to play fair.

A spokesperson says: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and, as a goodwill gesture, we will reimburse the declared value of the item in question.

“Over the course of the year more than 99% of the 300 million parcels we deliver arrive on time and without any problems and we continue to investigate this incident. However, we always advise customers to take out necessary cover for valuable items.”

 OUTCOME: Reader refunded £300 cost of lost handbag

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I sent an ebay item by hermes. Tracking shows it was collected at the drop-off, a newsagents, and entered the 'hermes network'. There are no more updates in 7 days and i am awaiting news. the standard compensation is £25, the headphones sold for £180. Do i have consumer rights, or will i be out of pocket?

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I sent a parcel with Hermes on the 11/04/2019. . It was a £500 Item I sold on Ebay for £70. . I didnt take out insurance.Its showing as in my local depot. The buyer is wanting refund . I have contacted Hermes with on line chat and phone. All I get is wait 24 hrs . If I refund the person and the parcel arrives at her location . What rights have I get it back .Is there anyway without insurance I can get the 70 back .

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Where has my parcel gone sent 3 to the same address 2 arrived 1 is lost because it was China it was not covered but it wasn’t broken it’s been lost by my Hermes

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Hi Simon, my partner has actually two rather expensive designer handbags go missing in the past month via MyHermes and the company isn't being very responsive in trying to help resolve the issues. Any help or advice? Dan

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what advice from moneywise on dpd changing things first saying not received,then we did receive it,but dont know where it is,

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same problem with dpd parcel did not turn up,there website changed from we have your parcel deliverey on it said after a few days will be delivered on date between 6.0 -22.00,then changed back next day when not delivered to we have your parcel its on its waycomplaints to customer service all they say we dont know where its gone,prob stolen by one of them.still ongoing disgraceful company with thieves.

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Had exactly the same, sold an item on eBay sent it via eBays own ShuTl service (which automatically selected MyHermes as the courier) purchaser says he never received the item, MyHermes don't know where it is, eBay have refunded the purchaser from my account and I no longer have the item. No one wants to take responsibility, MyHermes say talk to eBay, and they say talk to the courier. Today I have been waiting for MyHermes to deliver another item someone has sent and I have a picture of the courier posting the item through a nice Black door, only problem being I have a light Blue door and MyHermes 'cant seem to make contact with the driver' (or service provider as they call him/her)). They'll try and find out what's happened and get back to me. Very kind of them, I should be grateful I guess. Morale ? NEVER USE MYHERMES ..........

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I've similar happening to me mow. 3 items in a week totalling £150. Obviously 'stolen'. Entered network, then nothing. Suddenly they are missing. Call centre hung up and did not care. Im out of pocket for the items plus same again for refunds. Is there any help out there. This is blatantly so wrong.

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