'My bracelet broke under guarantee, but Astley Clarke wouldn’t replace it'

28 August 2018

Moneywise helps a reader trying to get a guarantee honoured.

My sisters bought me an Astley Clarke bracelet for my birthday in March at the Astley Clarke stand in department store Liberty in London for £90. We were told that it came with a 12-month guarantee. 

The bracelet broke in May, so I took it to the store. Liberty phoned to say that it couldn’t be repaired but it was a voicemail and I couldn’t really hear why. I rang Astley Clarke customer service, which said the chain had been “pulled” and it offered me a 30% discount on a new bracelet. I said that I wasn’t happy with that and asked for more information on why it couldn’t be repaired.

It said: “The chain itself has been completely pulled and has been stretched out of shape, one side is now approximately 10mm longer than the other. This damage is outside of what we consider as normal fair wear and tear and, sadly it’s not something we are able to repair, I’m afraid.” 

I am not happy with this response because it’s a friendship bracelet, so you have to pull it to close it, so it doesn’t fall off your arm! The website says it has a guarantee for wear and tear, which says: “Every piece of Astley Clarke jewellery is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase subject to normal conditions of ‘wear and tear’.”

To think that an item is under guarantee and to have to pay around £60 to buy a new one just three months later from what is meant to be a reputable firm seems unfair.


I agree with you. If a piece of jewellery breaks and there’s a guarantee, it should be replaced, otherwise what’s the point in having a guarantee? The good news is that Astley Clarke saw sense when I got in touch. The customer service team agreed to replace the bracelet. A spokesperson told me: “It is not uncommon for the bracelet to catch on something or get pulled and our inspection felt this was the case. As you can see from the testimonials on our site, we do pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, so in this instance we will offer a free replacement.”

When I told you its response, you said: “It’s great news that Astley Clarke has agreed to replace my bracelet. But I’m disappointed that it only agreed to do this once Moneywise got involved. I’d only had it for a couple of months, so it should have honoured its 12-month guarantee right away rather than offering me a paltry discount on a new bracelet.”

However, I do hope the new bracelet brings you joy – for more than three months at least!

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Bought bangle in dec 2 tone gold shop said isn’t manufactures fault was £155 they offered me £70 back said I must have dented it

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