My banking app has locked me out

23 March 2018

Moneywise helps a reader who has been blocked from his Revolut account.

I had two fraudulent payments taken from my Revolut account without my knowledge.

Revolut told me my two claims would be escalated, but I heard nothing. Then I discovered my account had been terminated with £1,000 in it.

When I enquired about obtaining my funds, I was shunned. Can you help?

SW, London

Revolut is an alternative to traditional banking. It’s an app you use on your phone that is linked to a pre-paid Mastercard. It allows people to transfer money across the world and get keener rates on currency and no fees.

It was perfect for SW, whose job takes him all over Europe. That was until he disputed some charges on the app. It was used to buy items in England while he was overseas, he said.

Then it happened again. It was after the fourth time he disputed a payment that the account was closed.

When we contacted Revolut, it said: “We’re very sorry to hear that this customer has not had a positive experience while using the Revolut app, and we’re dedicated to making sure their complaint is resolved while also satisfying our internal compliance responsibilities.”

It arranged for SW to get his £1,000 back, but refused to let him reopen his account.

Unhappy with that, he has decided to take his case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

OUTCOME: Reader refunded £1,000 but takes case to Financial Ombudsman Service

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I'm locked out of the Halifax banking app at the moment - I complained about this months ago and still can't log in

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The same thing has happened to me , and stole my moneyThey have blocked me from communicating with them on all social media and in-app chatI have made a twitter and instagram so more people are aware of this , On more research i have found thousands of other people they have done this to Twitter: RevolutbankInstagram: Revolutbank

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I wonder just how much of this is happening. I too held a prepaid currency card and had topped it up when the rate was good. Last month it was emptied with repeated withdrawals by someone. You don’t see any statistics on how often this happens to these cards and credit / debit cards as it is not in the banks interest to reveal how bad this has become. After an investigation by the fraud department my money was returned. If this had happened when I was abroad an found my card had been hacked I could have been in financial difficulties..

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I learnt from a mix of my parents and grandparents. This was then reinforced at school by my teachers. But fundementally it is for the relatives to get the message over. One that always stuck in my memory was easter eggs. Interesting lesson in economics. The offer was an Easter Egg at £x (can't remember the exact amount now) or £x worth of block chocolate. I opted for the block chocolate and have never bought an egg for myself since. Much better deal.

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