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8 December 2015

It took weeks to get our Ikea bed


We bought a Stuva child’s loft bed in Ikea in September, had to wait for 80 minutes to schedule the delivery at the customer services desk and arranged for next-day delivery.

After waiting in all day, the delivery driver phoned at 5pm to say that our items had not been placed on the lorry although they were on his list.

So we tried to call Ikea twice – I had to wait one hour 45 minutes the first time and 35 minutes on the second occasion. At no point did Ikea customer services get in touch to tell us about a problem with our delivery.

I received a phone call from the driver the next day, giving me one hour’s notice of delivery, but I was at work and couldn’t get back in time.We finally got through to someone online on Ikea chat and rescheduled the delivery for the following Sunday.

However, when it arrived, only eight out of 12 items were there so I couldn’t assemble the bed. I had to get the remaining items delivered a week later. At no point did customer service keep us in the loop.

A week later, we waited in all day but phoned Ikea when the parts we needed hadn’t been delivered by 6.10pm. Ikea said they tried to deliver but no one was in.

When the remaining four items were finally delivered the next day, I discovered there were extra parts for the bed that we didn’t need. I couldn’t get through to customer services, so eventually I drove all the way to Ikea Lakeside – a 24-mile round trip – to return them.

It’s now four weeks since we first went to Ikea and I’ve yet to receive an apology from customer services for the poor service – even though we spent more than £600.



Moneywise says:

I know how frustrating it is when you have to wait in all day for goods to be delivered – it’s surprising that companies can’t do more to offer at least two-hour slots so people can plan around a delivery but to wait in on three occasions really is unreasonable.

It’s also very annoying to have to wait ages to get through to customer services – clearly, Ikea needs to improve the phone service it offers its customers.

Shortly after Moneywise got in touch with Ikea, GB received a call from the Lakeside branch with an apology, as well as an offer of an £80 refund and £100 in Ikea gift vouchers.

Donna Moore, customer relations manager at Ikea, said: “We naturally want all of our customers to be happy with the service they receive from us, and we have been in direct contact with the customer to apologise. We have since resolved this matter to their satisfaction.”

GB added: “I am pleased with the outcome. Our refund has been processed and we’ve received the vouchers. Had it not been Moneywise’s intervention, Ikea would not have been so quick in resolving the matter.”

Parcelmonkey won’t pay out for broken CD player


I sold a CD player on eBay for £325 and arranged for Parcel Monkey to deliver it, paying £12.22, which included £300 insurance cover. However, when the buyer received the player, it was not working.

I sent in my claim to Parcelmonkey, providing photo evidence to prove that the item was well-packaged with ‘fragile’ written all over the box and on the courier’s delivery note, as well as a video of the CD player working before I sent it.

The buyer also provided a video of the player not working properly.

Parcelmonkey has rejected the claim, saying that it could not find physical evidence that the damage was caused in transit. I replied that as there was no external damage, it was proof that the player was well packaged and appealed against its decision.The next day,the company just confirmed its original decision.

My buyer has been very understanding and has now taken the CD player to a hi-fi shop, which has asked for £125 to repair it. Understandably, he has asked me to pay for the repair, which I have done.

I think that Parcelmonkey should reimburse me. The company advertises a cheap courier service but, as it currently stands, I have had to pay for a sub- standard service.Your advice and help would be appreciated.



Moneywise says:

This case was a tricky one as the damage to the CD player was internal and therefore much harder to prove when it occured but JL did all he could to provide evidence – and he was lucky in that his eBay buyer was helpful in providing a video and a quote for repairing the CD player.

JL contacted Parcelmonkey to make a claim for compensation but it stuck to its guns, rejecting the claim because it said there was no evidence to suggest the internal damage happened while the item was being handled by the courier company, DPD.

A spokesperson for Parcelmonkey said: “The video of a working CD player is not suitable evidence that proves DPD is at fault with the handling of the item and only proves the item was working the moment the footage was recorded.

“Having said that, I do sympathise with the position he finds himself in and, as a gesture of goodwill, Parcelmonkey Ltd will meet in full the £125 repair bill.”

JL said: “I was dismayed and angry that Parcelmonkey rejected my claim based on insufficient evidence that damage was caused in transit.Then I got in touch with Moneywise, which liaised with Parcelmonkey and it agreed to honour my claim. My relief and gratitude is immeasurable.”

Talkmobile says I must pay late husband’s bill


I have a problem ending a phone contract I’d taken out on my husband’s behalf with Talkmobile, via Carphone Warehouse.

As I did all the household business, I took out phone contracts for my husband and myself, which seemed a sensible idea at the time. I did not expect him to die in July at the age of 66.

I contacted Talkmobile asking it to cancel his contract but it has refused to do so because the contract was in my name. I don’t need two phone contracts but Talkmobile says I would need to pay around £170 to cancel.This seems very unfair. Can you help?



Moneywise says:

It always surprises me how heartless large companies can be when dealing with personal issues such as death. It’s distressing enough for EB to be recently widowed without having to deal with Talkmobile’s unsympathetic response to her problem. But it is also a reminder to us all to check the small print on our contracts.

When Moneywise contacted Talkmobile, it was quick to admit that it had made a mistake.

A spokesperson for Talkmobile said: “We’re very sorry EB had these problems at such a distressing time. Our adviser made an error. Our policy is to cancel accounts without charge when a customer or main user of the phone dies.

We’ll get in touch with her to apologise and make the necessary arrangements to refund any payments she has made.

EB says: “I was extremely shocked at the initial unsympathetic response received from Talkmobile. At an extremely distressing time for my family and myself, we were forced to deal with an issue that could have easily been resolved.

“The need to adhere to company policy was more important than the needs of a customer.

“Thankfully, with the help of Moneywise, I was pleased with the outcome.”