Left out of pocket thanks to BA

13 July 2012


For more than a year, I've been trying to track down a missing payment from British Airways for a flight I bought in November 2010.It was a return ticket from London to Delhi and, after buying it, I cancelled the return leg of the flight.When I did this I was told that £112 would be refunded to my account. However, after getting back to London I found the money hadn't been returned and I am still waiting.I've sent repeated emails and letters to the company but I always receive an apology with confirmation that the finance team will be in touch – but it never is.I've got my original receipt from the flight but I just can't seem to get an answer from BA.I'm now out of pocket and have been offered no explanation as to when the money will be returned.
Rahul Yadev, London


It's confusing to us why BA wouldn't pay out this refund and also why it's refusing to give any more details to Rahul about the situation so we asked BA's press office to look into the case.

It apologised for not getting in touch sooner and explained that the original flight booked with BA was non-refundable.

This meant Rahul couldn't get any money back for the cost of the flight but he was able to get money back from the taxes of the unused part of his ticket.

This was the Delhi to London flight and the taxes came to £22.20, made up of the Indian government tax of £18.40 and the Indian passenger departure tax of £3.80.


However, what wasn't explained to Rahul is that because there is an admin fee of £30 on all refunds, no money was due to him.

The problem has occurred because instead of speaking to Rahul and giving him this information in the first place, he has been fobbed off with unclear emails that haven't explained anything.

In fact, it was only when Moneywise contacted the press office that someone finally replied to Rahul.

To explain this shoddy customer service and the lengthy time Rahul has been waiting for an answer, Philip Allport, spokesperson for BA, said: "We would like to apologise to Mr Yadev for the delay in processing the refund request and have credited his executive card account with 5,000 Avios points as a gesture of goodwill."