Have I been conned by my mechanic?

6 December 2012


I bought a pair of alloy wheels for my Ford car on 20 January 2011 from Borough Salvage Services in the Wirral. But when I got my winter tyres fitted to the wheels, one turned out to be buckled.I telephoned the garage and was told I could either have a refund or wait for a replacement to be sent to me, but this would only be when another car came in with the same wheels.I said I would be happy to wait. I called back from time to time but it got to September 2011 and the garage still hadn’t had any wheels in, so we agreed it would send me a refund.I have phoned and written since then and the garage has agreed a refund amount of £80 but no money has been forthcoming. I would be pleased to hear your advice.
Donald MacGregor, Kintore


If you are dealing with a small company, such as a local garage, it is often hard to chase up a complaint as there is no designated department, so persistence is unfortunately your best option when it comes to getting a refund.

Moneywise got in touch with the owner of Borough Salvage Services, Wayne Domville, to see why Donald had been waiting for almost two years for the problem to be resolved.

Domville informed us that Borough Salvage Services had in fact closed down 12 months ago. He said he remembered Donald, however, and apologised for the delay in arranging a refund. He attributed it to difficulty in contacting Donald after the garage had closed down.

Domville says: "I always intended to refund Donald for the cost of the wheels and I am happy to say he has now been sent a cheque for the full £80 out of my own pocket.

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