Fight for your rights: MyHermes lost parcel payouts

1 February 2018

Most of us shop online which means we’re receiving parcels and packages all the time. With around two billion parcels delivered every year in the UK, it would be a surprise if some didn’t go astray.

So I have a little sympathy for the parcel companies that come under attack for mucking up deliveries. It happens. But I have no sympathy with the companies that don’t put things right properly. There should be no need for readers to continually be forced to turn to us for help, but they do so in their droves – most of the complaints that come into this column are about deliveries.

This month I’ve rounded up some of the recent complaints about MyHermes, one of the biggest delivery companies.

First, there is RG of Poole. She sent a package of coats with Parcel2Go via MyHermes and took out extra insurance as the value of the parcel was £643. After it was collected, that was the last she heard of it.

“I contacted Parcel2Go and heard nothing back and contacted Hermes which said there is nothing it can do as it’s through a third party. I’m in total deadlock,” she told me.

After my intervention, she got a full refund of the £643. MyHermes said: “The parcel was ordered through a third party, which is why RG’s queries were referred back. She has now received full compensation and we have launched an investigation into how the item was lost.”

Next there is the case of SW of Grimsby. A parcel he sent on behalf of his nine-year-old grandson got lost. “I filled in the delivery failures form for the items, worth £152, and it only offered £20 plus the fee I paid,” he told me.

Sadly, he didn’t insure the item, so MyHermes was within its legal rights only to offer that paltry amount. But SW felt otherwise. “It is surely the responsibility of the courier to deliver? Why should I insure for its incompetence?”

I agree. As an analogy, imagine that when you went to a restaurant it demanded you take out insurance to cover the eventuality of the food being off or over-cooked. That would be a nonsense – if that did happen, the restaurant would take responsibility and offer you another meal or simply tear up the bill.

Delivery companies should take the same responsibility and not simply shrug their shoulders and blame the customer. But they don’t, which means anyone using a courier firm risks losing out if they don’t stump up for the extra insurance.

But there is good news in the case of SW. MyHermes has offered full compensation of £152 as a gesture of good will, while pointing out that “insurance cover in excess of the standard £20 we provide is available at extremely competitive rates”.

There was not such good news for MB of Westminster. He was sent a valuable design and memo sketchbook by a friend, but it never showed up.

“I’ve been given no help at all in tracking it down,” he told me. “I just want my sketchbook. It has years of work and it’s invaluable to me.”

MyHermes said: “Unfortunately, the sender put the incorrect delivery address on this parcel and, as a result, it has been lost. However, we accept that our communication has been below our normal standard in this case and, as a gesture of goodwill, have agreed to give a payment of £150.”

The compensation was grudgingly accepted by MB, as he only wanted his sketchbook back. But it serves as a warning to us all: don’t entrust items of personal value to delivery fi rms.

Finally – at the moment! – there is AH of Brierfield, Lancashire, who posted a package with MyHermes in mid-November. After it didn’t arrive on time he contacted the company, which told him it couldn’t find the package. Worried, he got in touch with Moneywise. While I was investigating, AH got back in touch with some good news: “The item actually turned up at its intended destination around four weeks late. It was damaged but usable.”

So, what happened? MyHermes couldn’t say. It said: “We would like to apologise to AH for the delay in his delivery and are pleased that it has now arrived. We have launched an investigation into what caused the issues.”

The company says in its defence of the errors: “Over 99% of the 300 million parcels we deliver each year arrive on time and without any problems. There are, however, exceptions and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused in these cases.”

Yes, there are exceptions, but the company should ensure that it deals with complaints speedily and fairly. It should not result in people feeling forced to turn to journalists for help.

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Simon Read is a money writer and broadcaster. He was the last personal finance editor at The Independent and is an expert on BBC1’s Right On The Money.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Got TV delivered by Hermes from Amazon 14th Nov returned it same courier 17th nov last tracking 22 Nd Nov at Hermes depot guess what they can't locate it multiple emails later waiting for a claim form I am stressed outRita

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I am absolutely disgusted with Parcel2Go and Hermes. A package of printed material which was not ordered via a retailer but from a business associate with valuable information which cannot be reprinted, has been lost by Hermes. They lied and said that they had tried to deliver three times (which is untrue as I was in) and they only expect offices to be open 8am-8pm which for a small business, is not always possible. They should prioritise business deliveries to be within office hours. I have waited 2 weeks to be told "It is lost and we cannot reopen the investigation". This has now cost me a significant amount of lost revenue and cannot be rectified as these papers cannot be duplicated and Hermes keep telling me to "contact the retailer" which is truly infuriating as the parcel was not bought.I think ALL companies should be made to have a call centre so we can at least speak to someone rather than the robots on the Live Chat which they offer. I just want my parcel!

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Hermes stole my parcel about 6 weeks ago saying signed for by customer and i didn't not sign or receive my item, hermes did nothing to help. i complained endlessly and they did nothing. I have recently ordered another item not knowing hermes would be the ones to deliver and same thing, signed for by customer with a scribble mark, i did not sign or receive this item, hermes wont do anything. i have lost a lot of money due to them what can i do , what are my rights.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

This is a blow by blow account of my experience with MyHermes, without a doubt the worst, most incompetent, most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. In October last year I purchased a computer part on Ebay from a seller in Manchester. The parcel was entrusted to MyHermes and was never delivered. MyHermes created a fictitious delivery docket stating that the parcel had been delivered to an address in Kennington in South London, nowhere near my studio in East London. They claimed to have passed this document onto the seller and to Ebay who then refused to enforce a refund on the grounds that I had signed for the delivery and was lying in order to steal a few lousy pounds off someone I didn’t even know. In April this year I issued proceedings against the seller in the Small Claims Tribunal and also issued a summons to MyHermes under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act obliging them to provide me with all documentation relating to the delivery. They refused on the grounds that they are not required to release any information to anyone but the seller, a legal fiction that I brought home to them via a solicitor’s letter. From that point they had forty days to provide the information requested, failing which I would have bailiffs visit them and obtain the documentation by any means they saw fit. MyHermes then realised the game was up and they were stuck between perjury and contempt of court, and shortly before we went to court they admitted that they had lost the parcel in December last year and that they had known that all along. All of their protestations regarding the safe delivery of the parcel had been deliberate and calculated lies. The seller settled, paying all my legal costs, and last I heard he intended to recover his considerable losses from MyHermes. Okay, parcels get lost, it happens, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – can excuse the grotesque and dishonest manner this incompetent shower dealt with this matter. They knew perfectly well that they had not delivered the parcel but they continued to claim that they had, and they deliberately lied to the seller and to Ebay in order to back up their deception. I might also add that Ebay was utterly useless in helping to resolve this dispute and took MyHermes word without question, despite clear proof that they had been lying from day one. When I sent them the email from MyHermes showing that I was right and they and MyHermes were wrong, the pompous little jobsworth who had been 'dealing' with the dispute broke contact. Needless to say I have never received an apology from any of the parties involved. So, never, ever assign a parcel to MyHermes and do not buy from anyone who does. Before you buy from Ebay, Amazon or any other online marketplace do what I do and ask the seller to assure you that they will not be using MyHermes, and if they are, do not buy from them.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Sold a camera on ebay and sent it via Hermes. Spent more than I charged my buyer to send to make sure it was insured. You have to state the contents so how come they let you pay if they are not prepared to insure? They reckon they tried to deliver it once but my buyer says no card was left. Now they have lost it and say I am not covered. It was worth £300. Been on their infuriating chat system which takes so long to get through that I have had to leave to go to work. So far they are refusing any help. In my mind it's straight forward licence to steal by their couriers so I am reporting it to the police as theft. Dont know what else I can do. Any help appreciated.

In reply to by Catherine Murison (not verified)

they dont answer

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I sent 6 new mugs sold through ebay. Hermes lost the parcel in their depot. They will not reimburse me because the contents were "excluded from compensation". I cannot understand why the contents of a parcel are relevant if they have admittedly lost the parcel?! I have had to refund the buyer + shipping costs almost £50. Have I got any comeback against Hermes?

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Don't talk to me about MyHermes. Had parcel delivered 02/02/19 to find it was damaged and had been taped with La Poste tape. Upon inspection and opening a number of items were missing to the value of £392.56I submitted my insurance claim via the website the same day together with all the necessary details and photographic evidence. It should be noted that the website clearly states that your company aims to resolve claims within 14 days. After nothing had happened and no communication had been received I followed the matter up on the 23/02/19 (i.e. after 21 days) using the on-line chat facility of your website. As nothing was resolved I contacted them a further six times to be informed that the claim was “Under Review - High Value Item”.They refuse to give me any indication of how long this review will take.As of today (23/04/2019) it has been 24 days to investigate and assess my claim and 56 days for management ton review the claim !Please, please, please can you help me in any way ?Albert Fischer

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I ordered an item on Amazon through a third party seller and was sent a MyHermes tracking number. I was not in on the date the item was due to be delivered, but I’m usually happy use the card the courier leaves and collect from a pick up point. When i returned home on the delivery date I noticed the MyHermes tracking system showed the parcel as delivered to my address and signed for by me. It even included a gps map to show the delivery location and a scanned copy of what was allegedly my signature (it wasn’t). There was no card from the courier in my mailbox and no sign of the parcel. The MyHermes website makes it very difficult to get in touch with them to sort out a matter of such urgency. When someone from customer service replied by email, they kept referring me to a webchat service that was unstaffed for another 3 days due to Easter. MyHermes have not taken responsibility and treated the matter with any urgency or seriousness and I am frustrated that the courier has acted fraudulently by forging my signature and got away with it. I wonder if it’s a matter for the police.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

who do we report Hermes to if a parcel goes missing? i was expecting a parcel that is showing as delivered and signed for but it wasnt delivered to my address and it wasnt signed for by me. How do i go about claiming that back?

In reply to by F Bentley (not verified)


On the 4/12/2019 I had a parcel delivered to my address I was not in so they put it in dustbin guess what the dustbin was empted I have been in touch with myhermes they agree it’s they fault but say get in touch with retailer I have they say claim from myhermes so I have got no were it as cost me £43 for to get nothing .

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Last July Hermes picked up a parcel (wheelchair) from my mum's care home and after loads of e-mails I have still not received my money back and now they not even answering my e-mails.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I sold an item on ebay and used their Shutl service to buy delivery (Hermes). I dropped off the parcel at a local shop and tracked it to the Sheffield depot. After 3 weeks patient waiting the buyer requested a refund of £139.00 which I promptly paid. After many emails and sending a photo to Hermes I received a phone call from Hermes to say it could not be traced. I enquired about compensation and was told it would have to come via Shutl but they did say they would compensate the full value. Shutl will only give me £25 citing that I had not taken additional compensation. I am currently £114 out of pocket excluding any costs incurred. A small claims court claim will incur £35 initial fee.How can I get full compensation? What are my rights under consumer law?

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

3 weeks ago I and my Partner send a parcel of an iPhone 6s through Hermes to Manchester purchased from Argos on sale at £299.00. Which was my partner’s daughter’s 13th birthday present. It passed a week no delivery I rang Hermes to find out what’s happening. They told me they could not locate the parcel a few days later they told me the parcel got lost, they sent me a claim form asked me to provide proof of purchase, postage and a description of the parcel I done all that.. it took me 3wks chasing after them only in the end they told me the claim team have concluded that I get refunded £20 as their policy covers and £3.70 for postage. I declined the refund. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do. To get my £299.00 back from Hermes. Please help

In reply to by Elizabeth Nyato (not verified)


Yes the same thing has happened to be a week ago with a iPhone 6s aswell

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Hermes has lost my parcel at the value of £100. I didn't take out the extra insurance as I feel it is not right that I have to ensure something when I am paying them a fee already, it is their duty of care. I'm hoping that they will refund me the full amount as a gesture of goodwill.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Sold a banjo for £55 on Ebay and sent it vai MyHermes. Difficult to get through to them as I was talking to a machine. Eventually told I was in communication with a person but it did not feel like I was. Outcome is that they give no compensation on musical instruments. I feel robbed.

In reply to by Ian Sanderson (not verified)


Hi Ian this has just happen to me I sent a travel bass guitar sold though ebay £150 worth twice that amount 10 days ago they are saying it’s now lost /even though I insured it with my hermes they are saying this item Is. It covered / if the item is not covered when supplying them with the content of the parcel was there no flag up to indicate this for the customer as for sure I would not have used their service /if it’s lost (Which seems unbelievable)how long would you say you would give it before you can say it must have been stolen? What was your end result ?

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

MyHermes DOES at least refund you the FULL AMOUNT that you insure for if a parcel goes missing - this is NOT the case with Royal Mail - they want the RECEIPT for the item you sent, even if it is an antique or vintage item, and WILL NOT refund the amount you may have sold the item for even if you give them the Ebay/other sale page! Now THAT is wrong.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Myhermes have now lost two of my items out of around 48 in total posted via their courier service. I don't think that is an acceptable level of service or proportion of lost/stolen/damaged items not delivered to customers. Whether or not they pay up adequate compensation is one factor, but that aside, I believe that there is a fundamental failing in their systems. For instance, one item 'lost' by them was a large boxed item - too large, in my opinion, to get lost or misplaced - my own opinion would be that it was stolen or damaged and then discarded. I do think they have problems that need rectifying before I would consider using them again. I don't know what specific issues there are - I am pretty sure that they know what they are but won't divulge.When they are good they are good. But when they are bad, they are bad. Trouble is, there are too may bad experiences, proportionately, to warrant using them when there are more reliable services available. I am sorry to say this after having used them regularly, but I have lost trust in their whole chain of collection/deliveries. Untrustworthy.

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