EasyJet refund: webchat transcripts get money back for flight cancellation

11 September 2018

Moneywise helps a reader get a flight refunded.

I booked a last-minute flight with EasyJet to Italy. After an hour, I had a change of circumstances and decided to cancel my booking.

I went on to its website and followed the instructions to cancel my booking, which was through the customer service webchat. 

The customer service agent on the webchat asked me when I had booked the flight and reassured me that I would be able to cancel due to the fact I was within the 24-hour time limit to get a full refund. 

She asked me if I wanted to confirm the cancellation of the booking, which I did. I also asked when I would receive the refund and she said it would be in three to five days.

After a week, I checked my bank account and saw that EasyJet had not paid any money in. I went again on to its customer webchat asking for an explanation, only to be told that because it had not given confirmation of the cancellation of the flight, I was not entitled to a refund.

I have followed the procedures and in return I have been denied my refund, which I was entitled to. I believe this is disgraceful and not how a company should treat its clients.


On the face of it, this looks pretty poor. You were naturally angry and made some pretty serious accusations about the company when you wrote to me.

Meanwhile, you continued complaining to EasyJet and asked for transcripts of the webchat to prove your case – and you were successful.

When EasyJet investigated your case, it quickly admitted that there had been – what it called – “human error”. Once it had identified the error, it handed you the refund you were entitled to.

It told me: “EasyJet is sorry that due to human error JS’s booking cancellation was not actioned correctly. As soon as the error was identified, EasyJet apologised to JS who was fully refunded as per our policy. While incidents like these are rare, we always investigate to ensure errors do not occur in the future.”

You remained angry and wanted me to warn other readers. But while it’s true your persistence paid off, I reckon a little patience would also have yielded a positive result, as it actually didn’t take long for the company to sort things out.

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