A cheeky charge from Plusnet

9 November 2018

Moneywise helps a reader who was charged more than normal when ending a contract

I joined Plusnet last year and I was asked to pay my first bill by debit card a few weeks before my contract started.

After a bad experience with the company’s customer service, I decided to leave at the end of my year’s contract and arranged the transfer of my telephone and broadband. I then received my final bill and I was surprised to see it was considerably higher than previous bills. I contacted Plusnet and was told that this was due to “special offers” expiring. When I explained that I was still in my contract, I was told that the offers are applied from when Plusnet take the first payment, not when services start, I thought this was rather cheeky.


I agree. As far as you were concerned, the discount offer started the moment your service started. After 12 months of using the service, you decided to leave but Plusnet said you’d been with them for 13 months and so charged full price for the last month.

You reckon that was because it asked you to start payments before you actually started using the service and that other people could fall foul of the same process.

I put your argument to Plusnet and it responded: “CM joined with a 12-month discount. The discount ended a month before she left Plusnet, and so was charged an additional £8.99 for one month as the offer had expired. We have offered to refund the £8.99 due to her confusion, and she is currently thinking about whether she would like to accept it.”

You don’t think that’s enough.

You told me: “I would like Plusnet to ensure negotiated costs are applied for the duration of the contract and in view of its dreadful customer service in regard to this and other incidences, I would like them to donate £50 to food bank charity The Trussell Trust.”

I put this to Plusnet. I am still waiting for a response.

OUTCOME: Plusnet offers £8.99 refund


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