Top five financial tips for students

5 September 2012

1 Eat cheap

Buy the basics in bulk and look out for bargains in markets or for reductions in the supermarket. Cooking with friends can also help reduce the cost and use your freezer if you make or buy too much.

2 Get a job

Find something that's fun, fits with your studies or pays well. Summer jobs could include working abroad or at festivals while you can get flexibility during term time with a mystery shopping or brand manager job. Check out for more information.

3 Insure your essentials

It might be an additional expense but if you lose your mobile or your laptop's stolen, it'll be money well spent.

4 Draw up a budget

It's easy to feel flush at the beginning of term when your cash comes in but the only way to be sure you still have anything at the end of term is to draw up a budget. Crack open a spreadsheet and, remember, be realistic.

5 Get a discount

Many retailers give students a discount that you can usually get by flashing your NUS Extra card. If there’s no sign offering a discount, Oliver Brann, editor of, recommends asking for one. He says: "Who wouldn't feel sorry for you and give you that discount?"

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