Mad money saving gifts for Christmas

6 December 2019

Want to get friends or relatives something a bit different this year? Why not consider our eight gadget gift ideas that will save them money all year round?


Roku Express: £29.98


With such an array of streaming options out there now, from Netflix to Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer to YouTube, The Roku Express HD streaming media player is the Swiss Army Knife
of streaming.

You can access nearly any streaming service, and coming in at £29.98 Roku Express is £10 cheaper than the Amazon Fire TV Stick – though it is worth keeping an eye on the Fire TV Stick price, as Amazon routinely puts its in-house products on sale.

The Roku Express connects to your wi-fi signal so you can stream live TV, news, sports and films on free and paid channels such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, Prime Video, NOW TV. It comes with voice search, a premium feature often touted on more expensive devices such as Apple TV.

Kasa Smart Plug by TP-Link: £19.99


The Kasa Smart Plug is one of those gifts that costs relatively little but could end up saving users hundreds of pounds. The plug lets you check on how much electricity the devices you plug it into uses.

Electronics, such as TVs, PlayStations and speakers, can consume money off your electricity even on standby, so over time this plug could save you money off your energy bills.

The plug is ‘smart’, so you can control it remotely with your phone. Just plug it in and run all your TV paraphernalia through it, and it will help you ration the amount of energy those devices use by setting timers and even switch them off remotely if you forget.

The smart plug works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant but can connect to your wi-fi if you don’t have a smart speaker.

Privise NFC and RFID Blocking Card: £7.90


According to UK Finance, more than £10 million was stolen from people using some form of contactless fraud. So this gadget is one for the security-conscious in your life. Its bank-card shape is designed to fit snugly in your wallet and block out any kind of signal technology that could be used to steal your debit or credit card data.

The card blocks out RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) signals from a radius of up to 5cm. This ensures a thief that brushes past you with a contactless device cannot pinch your card data.

Manhattan T1 Freeview HD Box: £33.59


A great gift for someone with a flat-screen TV that isn’t ‘smart’. Many earlier HD televisions came without the technology to decipher digital TV signals and require some form of extra input to watch Freeview channels, unlike more modern counterparts.

However, instead of paying for an entirely new smart TV that costs hundreds of pounds, you can buy a Manhattan T1 Freeview box and get great quality HD channels for a fraction of the price, if you already have a decent-quality

What is more, householders who don’t have a digital aerial can then buy an inexpensive digital window aerial on Amazon from between £10 and £30, depending on the coverage area.Buying one of these will save significant sums compared to a full-size aerial for your chimney that will likely have to be professionally installed too.

It is worth checking the Freeview signal coverage in your area, or the area of the person you are buying the gift for, at to make sure they can receive the digital TV signal in the first place.

RazorPit The Original Razor Blade Sharpener: £9.99


Replacement razor blades are often not cheap, and buying them regularly can be a significant outlay.

The RazorPit blade sharpener would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the hirsute. According to the manufacturer, it can extend the life of a razor blade by as much as six times longer than typical usage allows.

The RazorPit not only sharpens the blades, it also cleans away hair and dead skin cells, so it is hygienic too and doubles up as a razor case when you are on your travels.

Ecoegg Fresher For Longer Discs: £3.99


A top stocking filler for the student chef in your life – or indeed for any householder – these little discs are designed to help keep fresh fruit and vegetables ripe and ready to eat for longer.

Pop one into a fruit bowl or salad crisper and the little disc absorbs a gas called ethylene, which is emitted by certain produce such as bananas. Ethylene gas is a big contributor to overripening of fruit and veg as the gas speeds up decay.

Used correctly, these little discs could significantly reduce the amount of fresh food that gets chucked in the bin each week. Each disc lasts for three months, and the kit contains a set of four.

Book Safe with Combination Lock: £13.45


There is a veritable cottage industry of secret safes out there, from books and sun-cream bottles to fake Coke cans and metal water bottles to hide your keys and wallet on the beach, but this one will be a great gift for keeping valuables safe at home for the literary folk in your family.

This fetching book safe is not only a secure lock box, it will blend into the background on any bookshelf, where most burglars won’t think of checking.

Note: All prices sourced on and correct at the time of writing on 31 October 2019, but are subject to change.

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