How Moneywise team members make money from home

2 February 2016

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Moira, editor:

“The biggest success we’ve had as a family in making money from our sofa was selling the Maclaren buggy that we had used for our two daughters for £80 on Gumtree. We have also sold several old DVD sets on Amazon for the same price we bought them for on eBay.

“If I had to pick a new way to make money from home in 2016, I would do something craft- related. My children’s school has a winter fair and I fancy taking a stall. So I’d like to spend my evenings making decorations, cards and gifts to sell.”

Tom, product researcher/writer:
“I often sell old clothes on eBay and books on Amazon. I’ve been thinking about setting up an online tutorial on how to use Excel on a website called I’d make money every time people take my online course, although the website would take a cut too.”

Rachel, special projects editor:
“I make money from my sofa selling my two sons’ old toys and children’s clothes on Facebook. My best deal was selling an old Phil & Teds pram I owned for around £150.

“I find Facebook much less hassle than eBay. Not only is it quicker but people collect what they buy, so it spares me a trip to the post office.”

Hannah, chief sub-editor:
“This isn’t technically making money from my sofa, but I signed up to market research websites and – and attended a few focus groups in central London.

One involved commenting on Save the Children’s ad campaigns, while another was on behalf of the government and looked at how prepared people were for retirement. I received £50 to £100 cash for each one.”