50 ways to make money: Cash in on cashback

5 October 2017

Household bills have risen 10 times faster than incomes have grown since the start of the financial crisis, research by price comparison website uSwitch has found.

But if you have already fine-tuned your household finances by cutting energy and food bills, as well as remortgaging, and are still struggling to find spare cash, what can you do?

Here are two ideas to earn extra money from cashback.

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49. Use cashback credit cards

If you pay off your credit bill in full each month, a cashback credit card could be the way to go. These offer you money back on purchases in certain shops or on goods such as petrol. For the best deals updated every week check our guide

50. Use cashback sites

You can earn money from shopping online. Cashback websites will automatically pay you every time you buy a product or a service from selected retailers, from your weekly groceries to switching your utility provider. Websites include: topcashback.co.uk, quidco.com and Swagbucks.com


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