Three steps to checking your benefit entitlements

30 April 2012

1. What are you missing out on?

It could be a lot. For example, up to £2.8 billion in pension credit - a benefit available to top-up a weekly pension - was not taken in the 2012/13 tax year, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Up to 620,000 people also failed to claim £2 billion in income support and employment and support allowance, equating to about £3,225 per person, while 3.2 million people missed out on up to £2.4 billion, £750 each, in council tax benefit.

2. Are you entitled to any benefits?

There are lots of types of benefit available for people of all ages and financial backgrounds - don’t just look for the most common ones.

For example, since April 2012, grandparents or other family members aged between 16 and state retirement age have been able to claim extra credits if they care for children under the age of 12.

3. How can you find out what you're entitled to?

Check the website Alternatively, you can call its free confidential advice line on 0808 802 2000.

The benefits adviser tool on the Directgov website ( will also give you a list of what you could be claiming and how to do this.

If you would prefer face-to-face advice, your local Citizens Advice Bureau can offer this - a list of local offi ces can be found at or by calling 020 7833 2181.

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A friend of mine wife claims her pension r they entilited to anything else as they r living of 70 pound a week

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I receive DLA & ESA now (17/10/17)…I'm eligible for OAP from 12/11/17.Will I receive DLA as well as OAP from 12/11/17?…I expect to forfeit ESA. Is this correct? I expect to receive 'pension credit'.There is a mortgage support element to the ESA. How will I receive this from 12/11/17?

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I qualify for OAP shortly.I receive high rate DLA.Will I receive both?…is ESA all that I'll lose?

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Will I lose my pip & Esa when I am 67 & housing benefit plus corporation tax also I receive pip at the standard rate I am now 60 years old ,what will I in total have to pay out and what will I receive at my pension age .

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i have sarcoid and ocpd ,over a year ago I was on esa but was told I was eligibly for work which I didn't appeal ,since I have know got married and my husband supports me,i hae got depression with the condition I have and really don't feel ll enough for work ,I havehad it for over 10 years and on medication and pumps is there any help we could have towards paying the bills thankyou

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