Can my daughter claim Working Tax Credit while living abroad?

28 July 2015


My daughter is claiming Working Tax Credit (WTC). She is a recovering alcoholic and is living with us in France while she gets her life back on track. She has taken a couple of cleaning jobs, which will most likely be for the summer. My question is can she continue to claim WTC for the period of recuperation and for her remaining time abroad?
BS, France


In most cases if you go abroad, you can only receive WTC for up to eight weeks. This can be extended up to 12 weeks if your absence is in connection with the treatment of an illness or disability.

Your daughter will need to provide evidence to HMRC of the treatment she is receiving in France and evidence that this is why she is there. If she spends longer than 12 weeks in France, then she will no longer be able to claim WTC.

She must declare to HMRC that she is abroad and let them know of any changes to her income to prevent her being overpaid or underpaid WTC.

David Samson is a welfare specialist at Turn2us