10 top jobs that weren't around 10 years ago

27 July 2015

It could be that early work experience in these areas will benefit young people greatly.

1. Social media manager

With an estimated 1.1 billion people globally with Facebook accounts and around 400 million tweets being sent daily, most brands and companies are investing heavily in social media.

2. Professional blogger

Blogging requires people to be engaging writers, socially influential and knowledgeable within their niche.The bigger the audience they grow, the more money there is to make.

3. App/games developer

There are an estimated 900,000 apps in the iTunes store alone. Money is made from charging for downloads or building an audience.

4. SEO specialist

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and it is one of the hottest jobs in 'digital' at the moment. With increasing numbers of businesses running solely online, the rationale behind this job is to 'optimise content' so a company's website appears higher up in search engine results.

5. UX manager

UX is short for 'user experience' and a UX manager is in charge of the 'human reaction' element of a website/software.The better the reaction, the better for a business; or the more usable something is, the more likely customers will engage with it.

6. Sustainability expert

This job analyses the way an organisation runs, the energy it consumes, and the waste it produces in order to find ways to make it more sustainable.

7. Zumba teacher

The recent rise in popularity has encouraged many people to register become Zumba fitness instructors all over the world.

8. Online advertising manager

This involves designing ads, coming up with catchphrases centred on various campaigns, spotting and acting on trends, as well as generally highlighting their company's best attributes.

9. Data scientist

Evolving from the traditional business analyst role, the rising use and dependency on the internet means there's a lot of data out there ready to be tapped into and analysed. And lots of companies are willing to pay high prices for that analysis.

10. Events co-ordinator

Despite the recession, the UK events industry is doing very well.This is thanks to agencies all over the country that specialise in organising and arranging corporate events, private events and even huge national events.

Ruth Cornish is an HR consultant with more than 25 years experience. Visit ruthcornish.com for more info.

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