Do I pay national insurance now I’m self-employed?

Published by Michelle Cracknell on 20 March 2019.
Last updated on 20 March 2019


I have 44 years of fully paid-up national insurance contributions (NICs). I became self-employed in September 2018. Do I still need to pay national insurance? I’m due to get the state pension in February 2022 but will probably retire in 12 to 18 months’ time.



Like most employed people, you are required to pay NICs if you are under state pension age. There are two types of national insurance if you are self-employed – class two and class four. Class 2 is payable at £2.95 a week if your profits are £6,205 or more a year. Class 4 is paid if your profits are over £8,424, in that case you pay 9% of your profits between £8,424 and £46,350 and 2% on profits over £46,350.

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