Pack peace of mind with your skis

Published by Liam Tarry on 16 December 2008.
Last updated on 24 August 2011


Thousands of Brits pack their skis and snowboards and jet off to the slopes each year. But, before you pull on your boots and ski goggles, don’t forget to make sure that you have decent winter sports travel insurance behind you.

That said, claiming on a winter sports policy can be tricky. The key to any successful claim is to get everything in writing. Regardless of whether your equipment is lost or stolen, you can’t ski because of bad weather or you suffer an injury, you will always have to provide your tour operator’s booking invoice or other booking evidence of your trip.

If your equipment is lost or stolen, an original police report needs to be obtained within 24 hours of the incident, and proof of purchase such as original receipts, cash withdrawal slips and credit card statements will also be required.

If the equipment is damaged, a written estimate for the cost of repair or written confirmation that the item is damaged beyond repair will be needed. But, if an airline damages your equipment in transit, you need to report it immediately upon discovery, so have your insurer’s phone number and policy to hand.

Should the worst happen and you suffer an injury on the slopes and need to claim, you must contact your provider as soon as possible. Once you return, confirmation from a medical practitioner that your injury prevented you from skiing, plus any details of a stay in hospital would be needed.

Remember, all claims will be deemed void if your injury is a result of skiing off-piste unaccompanied by a qualified ski instructor, when there were avalanche warnings in place or when there was bad visibility or bad weather, such as high winds.

And finally, if you are unable to ski for 12 hours or more because of piste closure, get a report from the resort manager or tour operator detailing events.

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