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Watchdog launches investigation into social media influencers’ behaviour

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating the behaviour of social media ‘influencers’ on major online platforms.

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Five steps to making money on Instagram

Snapping and sharing photos – and getting paid for it – is many people’s dream job. But is it really possible to earn an income on Instagram? Moneywise shows you how to get started

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8 ways to boost your finances with social media

In Great Britain, 61% of adults used the internet for social networking in 2015, according to the Office for National Statistics, but these sites aren’t just for keeping in touch with far...

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How I'm making money on Facebook

I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’m a bit of Facebook junkie, I love seeing my friends’ photos and it’s an easy way of staying ‘virtually’ in touch with people I don’t get the time to see in real life.
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Make the most of your LinkedIn account

You can use it as your online CV to show off your skills, to find new customers and clients, or just to keep in touch with old colleagues.

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