Top 10 group buying websites

Published by Rebecca Rutt on 24 February 2011.
Last updated on 25 February 2011

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Ten yoga classes for half the price, a hair cut and colour for £22 instead of £72, and a two-day holiday with 60% discount. These are among the deals on offer from group buying websites.

These websites offer daily deals in your local area, giving on average between 25% and 75% off the normal asking price.

How to start

There are numerous sites in the UK and across the world. All you do is sign up for a free daily email alert and put in your payment details, and you'll start receiving discounted offers from local businesses.

Each offer will have a time limit; if enough people sign up within this period the offer goes 'live' and you'll be sent a voucher. It's a simple idea that helps sellers promote their services and buyers get a bargain - and it works. Groupon, the biggest site, has over 50 million people subscribed to its deals.

The items on offer vary greatly, from restaurant and pampering deals to week-long holidays and laser teeth whitening.

Businesses that partner with these sites obviously take price cuts, but any losses are balanced out by instant access to a whole new group of potential customers.


There aren't many catches besides the fact that each deal is only valid for a certain time, so you have to make sure you know when it will expire.

Instant access to such large discounts can also pressurise people into paying for a voucher they don't actually need; however, as most vouchers are available to buy for at least 12 hours, you do have time to consider whether the deal is something you really want.

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The top 10 group buying websites

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