Read our 10 most popular stories from June 2016

Published by on 28 June 2016.
Last updated on 01 July 2016

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1. HSBC launches £200 current account switch offer - but you need £21k to get it
Current account users who switch to HSBC’s Advance or Premier accounts by 10 July can bag £200 cashback, but there is a catch.

2. Leave vote: What it could mean for your money, property and investments
After months of anticipation, UK voters have decided – in an historic move – to leave the European Union some 43 years after joining its predecessor, the European Economic Community, in 1973.

3. What does Brexit mean for pensions?
Following the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union we ask what impact the move will have on your pension, whether you are years away, approaching retirement or already retired.

4. Will Brexit affect Brits buying homes in the EU?
According to UN figures, around 1.2 million Brits currently live elsewhere in the EU, with many located in France, Spain and Ireland.

5. HSBC launches UK's first sub-1% fixed-rate mortgage
Property buyers can now lock in a sub-1% mortgage for two years, as HSBC has launched the UK’s lowest ever fixed-rate mortgage at 0.99%.

6. TSB launches 1% credit card cashback: how does it compare?
New and existing TSB customers can earn 1% cashback on the first £500 of credit card spending each month from today.

7. Government to write to 100,000 people at risk of no state pension in retirement
At least 100,000 people will be sent warning letters to say they won’t receive a state pension if they do not make more National Insurance (NI) contributions before they retire.

8. Laptops: How to buy one on a budget
We survey the different types of laptop and explain how to cut the costs of buying one.

9. How safe is your 'gold plated' final salary pension?
The collapse of BHS has thrown the Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) into the spotlight and highlighted problems within occupational pensions. We find out what it means for members of final salary schemes

10. Oldest British Steel pensioners set to lose £10,000
The oldest and most vulnerable members of the British Steel Pension Scheme could lose more than £10,000 if proposals from the government get the green light.