Five ways you can improve your finances today

Published by Nathalie Bonney on 13 January 2012.
Last updated on 17 July 2012


1. Drop a brand

Say goodbye to the brand names at the supermarket and watch your weekly shopping bill drop. 

Save money by dropping a brand

2. Switch energy deals

Energy bill prices are on the up but by switching providers, opting for paperless bills and paying by direct debit, you can make significant savings. 

Compare energy prices and switch provider

3. Take advantage of freebies

Use websites such as and to download moneyoff coupons for shops and restaurants.

Top 10 freebie websites you must use

4. Get cashback

Shop through cashback websites such as and to make even more savings but don’t be tempted to shop for extras you don’t need.

The top five cashback websites

5. Make your own

From packed lunches to home-cooked curry and pizza, ditch the takeaways and save a significant weekly sum

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