Five ways to make the most of voucher codes

Published by Esther Armstrong on 21 February 2011.
Last updated on 26 February 2013


1. Time it right

If your favourite high street store is having a sale, look out for free delivery voucher codes online. Retailers often issue free delivery vouchers to drive up online sales when they are running a big sale or promotion. Delivery can often cost over £5, so combined with the sale reduction, your overall saving can be substantial.

In addition, many voucher codes come out at the start of the month, when fresh marketing budgets have started for the retailers, so this is the best time to pick up the hottest discounts. In terms of dining out, look for offers at the start of the week and be aware that many discounts do not run over weekends.

2. Be specific

Retailers will often bring out big deals on popular products to lure you into buying additional products as well, so some of the biggest savings are product specific. If you are about to make a big purchase try typing the name of the product into a search engine along with 'voucher codes' to check if anyone is offering a deal.

3. Act quickly

One of the key motivations in voucher codes from a retailers point of view is to generate a storm of interest in the product or store. Because of this, many of the best voucher codes only last a few days and in some instances, a few hours.

If you see an offer online be sure to check when it expires - just make sure that you definitely want/need the item and are not being manipulated into rushing out to buy it.

4. Bargain clearance offers

Just as you get bargain bins with off-season or end-of-season products in high street stores, the same is true online. These are voucher codes, which are purely for specific products or product lines at the end of the season, or when the retailer has a lot of a particular product to clear out.

If you are shopping for clothes, think about classic items that will still be fashionable regardless of when you wear them. For electrical items, make sure you're not going to want the new and improved item in a few month's time.

5. Use social media

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, become a fan of or follow voucher code groups. This will ensure you receive top deals and offers first and means you will be more likely to see them as you use the sites frequently anyway.

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