Easter Egg 'Value For Money' Taste Test 2015

Published by Rob Goodman on 26 March 2015.
Last updated on 26 March 2015

Waitrose egg

And if you're on the lookout for value for money, the Moneywise team is here to help.

We endured a laborious 26-egg taste test and we can now reveal the results. Drum roll please.

How we scored the test

Moneywise's most able and dedicated chocaholics tested own-brand eggs from six leading supermarkets: Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer. Our overall winner is the egg that scored highest for value for money; however, we've also awarded prizes across three price brackets - best egg costing £5 and under; £10 and under; and £20 and under. These eggs were scored out of five on value for money, taste and presentation.

Best value-for-money egg

After more than two hours of serious tasting, the top gong at the Moneywise 2015 Easter Egg Taste Test goes to Tesco for its enormous 1kg Hand Decorated Egg (£12). Likened to a dinosaur egg by many an impressed tester - with its multiple splashes of colour - the egg was also described as looking like "a Jackson Pollock creation".

"Awesome" was how another tester succinctly put it. The egg picked up a score of 3.95 out of five. So if you've long dreamed of a whole kilo of chocolate for Easter at a very fair price, look no further than this monster Tesco egg (demonstraed above by Moneywise deputy editor Laura Whitcombe).

Waitrose's Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg (£7) took second place in the value for money stakes, with Tesco's Belgian Chocolate Bird Egg (£5, 165g) in third place. (Our verdicts on both eggs are coming up in the price categories below.)

Best budget egg: £5 and under

If you're after a bargain this Easter, two of our competitors stood head and shoulders above their peers.

Tesco's Belgian Chocolate Bird Egg (£5, 165g) comes in milk, dark or white chocolate and scored highest across our judging areas with an average score of 2.8 across value for money, taste and presentation. On the milk chocolate version, a small bird sitting on a perch is prettily etched onto the shell in white chocolate. The judges were impressed by the smooth and creamy chocolate, which they were largely surprised to find from such a cheap egg.

It pipped Waitrose's Hop the Frog (£5, 200g) Easter treat to the post, which scored 2.7, though this egg was seen as great for young children thanks to its colourful packaging.

At the other end of the scoring is Asda's Gluten Free Egg (£3) that was described as "horrible" and "waxy and bland". It gained a paltry overall score of just 1.75 out of five.

Best mid-priced egg: £10 and under

It was a hard-fought battle in this price bracket with our two top eggs racking up the same score. Marks and Spencer's delightful Beehive Honeycomb Egg (£8, 215g) comes with a generous handful of individual chocolates in the form of caramel-filled 'bees' and scored 3.05. So did the Waitrose's Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg (£7, 185g).

The only fair way to choose between the two was on taste and this is where the Waitrose egg really shone. It came out on top with a whopping average score of 4.3, compared to M&S's still very respectable 3.15, and our experts thought the caramel egg was "notably better than all the other eggs tasted" across all categories and price brackets. "It has an excellent caramel smell when broken, with rich dark chocolate," noted one particularly smitten tester.

Best luxury egg: £20 and under

If you want to push the boat out a little this Easter, there are some particularly creative designs you could snap up. Tesco's hefty 1kg Hand Decorated Egg (£12) was our clear winner – with its seemingly paint-spattered exterior helping it notch up a score of 4.6 out of 5 for presentation. Within the price bracket, its average score worked out a respectable 3.8.

In second place was Asda's quirky Extra Special Hot Cross Egg Tower (£10). The pile of chocolate eggs stacked up in an attractive pyramid box - which closely resembles a tower of profiteroles - impressed our judges. Its originality and creamy chocolate helped it amass an average score of 3.5, beating both Sainsbury's Extra Large Milk Chocolate Egg (£10) and Waitrose's Seriously Chocolately Egg (£12.99) into third and fourth place, with scores of 3.4 and 2.9 respectively.

Other winning eggs

We also taste-tested two eggs from manufacturer Lindt - the Strawberries & Cream (£8.99) and its Heavenly Hazelnut (£19.99) - as well as two from Thornton's: the Harry Hopalot (£4) and the Fabulous Fudge (£7).

The stand-out on taste alone was Lindt's Heavenly Hazelnut egg, which comes covered in a nutty chocolate coating, while its Strawberries & Cream came top for value for money.

It's worth noting that all £7 eggs in Thornton's range are available in its '5 for £20' deal, making them a good value for money purchase for people with lots of children to buy for.

Happy Easter!

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