Christmas shopping 2013: 10 presents for Dad

Published by Rachel Lacey on 02 December 2013.
Last updated on 02 December 2013

Christmas presents for Dad

1) For foodies and budding chefs

Learn how to make real 'man' food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and post pub snacking with Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food. RRP £20 but you can get it for £9.99 with free delivery on

2) For the man who loves a cuppa (and has everything)

ikettle, the world's first wireless kettle. Embrace laziness and switch on your kettle with your smart phone from your bed, the sofa or anywhere in the house. Sadly you do have to get up to make the drink... Available exclusively from for £99.99 with free delivery.

3) For fitness junkies

Fitbit Flex is a sleek wristband cum personal trainer to help you achieve your new year fitness goals. It tracks your activity, counts your calories and even monitors your sleep. Syncs with iphone and Android Apps. RRP is £79.99 but Amazon is currently selling it for £77.16 with free delivery.

4) For the man who keeps forgetting to charge his phone

So long as you remember to stash it in your pocket, the Pebble Smartstick Charger lets you recharge your phone whenever your battery dies. Includes five adaptors to ensure it works with the most popular phones. is selling these back up batteries for £11.30 with free delivery.

5) For new dads

Personalised fingerprint cufflinks - get your baby or child's tiny fingerprint captured on silver cufflinks, can also include names, dates and personalized messages on the back. £129 from plus £4.95 for delivery.

6) For doting granddads

Personalised Framed Grandpa photograph print, spell out the word grandpa with photos of the grandchildren or record his life with photos of the man himself. £38.99 from plus £4.95 delivery.

7) For music lovers

Sonos Play 1: the wireless hifi that plays music from your smartphone, tablet or other device. Search and play with a dedicated controller or (much cheaper) download the free Sonos app that is available on a range of smartphones including iPhones and Android phones.

Start with one unit or buy several to spread music across your home. You can play music stored on your computer or link it to a streaming music service to play anything you like. Amazon is selling the Sonos 1 for £169 plus a free 'bridge (rrp £39.99)' which allows you to add more players in other rooms, irrespective of where your router is. While Play 1 is the latest speaker in the Sonos range, if you're feeling really flush you can spend more and get the larger Play 3 (£259) or 5 (£349), or stretch to a Sonos Playbar or Sub (both £599).

8) For whiskey-lovers

Mature your own whiskey. Everything you need to get started, including a fresh oak barrel. £99.99 with free delivery from

9) For boys that haven't grown up

Be the infamous timelord (and change the channel on your TV) with the Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control. However, the manufacturer warns that this 1:1 scale replica won't unlock doors, sink ships or spot ghosts in your bedroom. Available exclusively from for £69.95 with free delivery.

10) For wine lovers

Surprise your dad with a different selection of wines this year. Great English Wines is offering its 6-bottle Christmas party selection - which includes a bottle of bubbly - for £67.50.

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