Dos and don'ts of selling your home

Published by Laura Whitcombe on 23 August 2013.
Last updated on 23 August 2013

Home for sale

Noisy neighbours, mould and your home being in a poor state of repair are most likely to put off potential buyers, according to a leading mortgage broker.

If you're going to be toiling away on your home this weekend ahead of putting it up for sale, the top 10 list is crucial, Ocean Finance says. As well as the factors that are most likely to scare off potential buyers, it has also put together a list of 10 things that top buyers' wish lists.

Ian Williams, from mortgage broker Ocean Finance – which provided the figures – said: "It's good to see that buyers are generally very savvy about what gives a home a lot of potential. It isn't about decoration, which can be changed relatively easily – it's about how pleasant the area and the house are to live in.

"Buyers also seem to know that more insidious problems like mould are also best avoided unless they have the funds and the time to make all the necessary repairs and changes."

Fright list

1. Noisy neighbours (would put off 55% of buyers)
2. Mould (49%)
3. The property being in a poor state of repair (43%)
4. No central heating (30%)
5. Untidy neighbouring gardens (28%)
6. Unpleasant smells, such as smoke or animals (27%)
7. Badly kept communal areas in flats or shared housing (16%)
8. No double glazing (14%)
9. Partially completed decorating or building work (8%)
10. Stone cladding (7%)

Delight list

"What do you aspire to in your dream home?"...

1. Indoor swimming pool (36%)
2. Ensuite bathroom (33%)
3. Summer house/garden room/conservatory (32%)
4. Walk-in wardrobe(s) (27%)
5. Bigger garden (25%)
6. Jacuzzi/hot tub (23%)
7. Gym (21%)
8. Open fire/log burner (18%)
9. Cinema room (17%)
10. Office/study (17%)

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