10 tips to help sell your home

Published by Laura Howard on 13 May 2010.
Last updated on 16 September 2013

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1. Up your kerb appeal

Buyers have been known to dismiss houses before they've even stepped through the door, so before you put your home on the market give the front garden some TLC.

Mow the lawn, sweep up, put up a hanging basket or plant some new flowers in the beds. You may also want to give your front door a fresh coat of paint if it's looking tired.

2. De-clutter

This is the single most effective measure you can take. If your home looks cluttered buyers will think you don't have enough space, so use this as an opportunity to have a big clear out.

Tidy up before viewings and ensure coffee tables, desks and work surfaces are as clear as possible and kids toys put away.

3. Get your carpet deep cleaned

Clean carpets make a big difference, in fact this could be the best £100 you'll spend. Before viewings it's also worth having a good hoover.

4. Depersonalise

Sellers don't want to see your laundry or wedding photos. Also remove trinkets on shelves and hide away toys. Your buyers will want to see how your home can become theirs and all your personal belongings won't help them achieve that image.

5. Neutralise

You may be a fan of red walls but your potential buyers may not. Paint or paper walls in cream or beige if you're worried your colour scheme could put people off.

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6. Clear off

There should be as few people as possible during viewings - so get someone to look after the kids. The same goes for enthusiastic pets - find a willing volunteer to take the dog for a walk!

7. Get rid of smells

The air should be fresh and odour-free - avoid cooking strong smelling food before viewings, open the windows and clear out pets and their paraphenalia.

8. Maximise what you have

Do you have an outbuilding that can be used as an office? Also tell buyers about any useful storage areas they might miss.

9. Buy fresh flowers

Give your room some life with a vase of roses or lilies. It may be a cliche but it makes a great first impression.

10. Know your stuff

You should be able to tell viewers how much your gas and electricity bills are and what your council tax is. Be prepared to answer questions on your local area too such as local schools, transport links and other facilities.

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