Best Cash Isa rates this week

1 April 2020

If you're a UK taxpayer it's always worth considering a Cash Isa, even though most people can now get some savings interest tax-free.


The personal savings allowance means basic rate taxpayers can earn £1,000 interest tax free without using their Isa, and people who pay the 40% rate can get £500. Read our round-up of the best savings rates to find out more.

But remember that wrapping your money in an Isa means you won't need to worry about a future tax bill because your savings pot has grown and you're earning more than the tax-free threshold.

Everyone aged over 16 can save up to £20,000 in an Isa during the 2019/20 tax year.

Unless otherwise specified, all these banks are individually licenced by the FCA, so your savings will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000. All interest rates are AER - the annual equivalent rate.

Each week we select our Moneywise Best Buys, highlighting the best Cash ISA on the market.

Top easy access Isa

When picking an Isa, the first thing to decide is whether you want to fix your interest rate or opt for more flexibility with a variable rate. If you want to make additional deposits beyond the upfront opening deposit, or make withdrawals, then a variable rate Isa with easy access is probably most suitable for you. 

Virgin Money Double Take E-Isa 1.31%
This account can be opened online with £1.

Coventry Building Society Easy Access Isa 1.25%
You can open this account online with £1.

Paragon Bank Easy Access Cash Isa 1.21%
Open this account online with a deposit of £1.

Best notice account Isas

Notice accounts need you to plan withdrawals in advance, but the rates can be higher than those offered by instant access in some cases.

Paragon 120 Day Notice Cash Isa 1.31%
You can open this account online with a minimum investment of £500. 

Kent Reliance Cash Isa - 60 Day Notice (Issue 18) 1.20%
Open this account with an initial deposit of £1,000.

Aldermore 30 Day Notice Cash Isa 1.30%
Open this account online with a £1,000 minimum deposit. 30 days notice required to withdraw cash. 

Top fixed rate Isas

If you want to secure the interest rate you earn on your savings, and are happy to lock your money away for a set period, then a fixed rate Cash ISA might be for you.

Best one-year Isas

Virgin Money 1 Year Fixed rate Cash E-Isa 1.36%
Open this account online with a deposit of £1.

Kent Reliance Cash Isa 1 Year Fixed Rate 1.35%
This account can be opned online with a deposit of £1,000.

Paragon Bank 1 Year Fixed rate Cash Isa 1.35%
You can open this account online with a deposit of £500.

Top two-year Isas

Al Rayan Bank Fixed Term Deposit Cash ISA 1.50%
Open this account online, post or telephone with a deposit of £1,000. Note, this account's rate is an expected profit rate (EPR). Find out what this means in our guide.

Kent Reliance Cash Isa 2 Year Fixed rate 1.45%
You can open this account online with a deposit of £1,000.

Paragon Bank 2 Year Fixed Rate Cash Isa 1.45%
This account can be opened online with a deposit of £500.

Best three-year Isas

Paragon Bank 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash Isa 1.50%
You can open this account online with a deposit of £500.

Aldermore Three Year Fixed Rate Cash Isa 1.35%
This account can be opened online, by post, phone or in-branch and requires an initial minimum deposit of £1,000.

TSB 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash Saver 1.10%
Open this account online with a depsoit of £3,000.

Top five-year Isas

Paragon Bank 5 Year Fixed Rate Isa 1.60%
Open online with a deposit of £500.

Cambridge Building Society 5 Year Fixed Rate Cash Isa 1.30%
Open this account by telephone or post with a deposit of £500. Account can be managed online.

Sainsbury's Bank Fixed Rate Cash Isa 1.15%
This account can be opened online with a deposit of £5,000.

Best Junior Isas

If you're looking to put some cash aside for your kids, Junior ISAs are a great way of doing so. These accounts are available to anyone under 18 and tend to offer much higher rates than adult accounts, but there are some restrictions. Read the Moneywise guide to Junior Cash ISAs to find out more.

Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA 3.6%
Accounts can be opened with a pound in branch, over the phone, online or by post. Interest is paid annually on 30 September. Minimum balance is £1.

NS&I Junior Cash Isa 3.25%
Minimum balance is £1. This account is available to all and can be opened online. Savings are fully protected up to £85,000 by the FSCS. 

How are Moneywise Best Buys selected?

We look across as much of the market as possible to find the best deals using industry data from Defaqto.

All our picks are nationally available - online, by post or by phone. We try and pick products that are available to both new and existing customers, but we’ll highlight some offers for existing customers if they’re much better than what else is on offer.

Unless rates are significantly higher than on other accounts, we avoid products that pay an initial bonus (which is normally a euphemism for a rate cut after 12 months), or those with tiered rates (these may not pay the advertised interest rate if your balance rises above or falls below a set amount).

Deals only available to particular age groups or for “additional subscriptions” are also not included.

All these savings accounts are covered by the FSCS unless otherwise specified. We will prioritise deals from UK-based banks. If your bank is licenced by another European country, savings up to €100,000 will be protected, but by the government where the bank is headquartered, rather than the UK authorities.

We reserve the right to use our discretion at all times.

First published on 12 May 2008

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why is Al Ryan bank products not included. This bank is protected by fca!

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Please confirm who pays top Interest Rate for a One Year Fixed Isa
DOES PARAGON PAY 1.40% or 1.45% for Isa's ?

May I suggest to change the…

May I suggest to change the way you list names and interest rates. Currently it says for example:
Chorley Building Society 90 Day Notice Cash Isa Issue 2 1.42%
Please change it to:
Chorley Building Society 90 Day Notice Cash Isa Issue 2 - 1.42%
This avoids confusion as the name of this particular Isa ends with a number, which can be mistaken as being part of the interest rate. Obviously, no bank would pay 21%, but given that there is just a single "space" between the name and the interest rate, it is not easy to read.

Inheritance ISAs

Should not all ISA savers be advised by the banks of their maximum withdrawal upon a death. Dudley Building Society is demanding that a Spouse obtain Probate to get their own money. Why when the government passed this bill to help Spouses?

ISA 1 Year and Savings 5 Year

Why do you not include societe general who are giving 1.99 on one year Isa and 4.50 on five year savings or is this ascam?

amendment required ???

Hi, I suspect the following taken from "The Best Cash ISAs This Week" Everyone aged over 16 can save up to £20,000 in an Isa during the 2017/18 tax year.
Could do with an update

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