Are silver saving deals worth it?

9 October 2013


I'm nearing retirement so I want to upgrade my current and savings accounts. I keep hearing about accounts for pensioners, but is this the way to go? Do pensioners need bespoke accounts or would I be better off using a good comparison website to find the best home for my savings and everyday transactions?


There are literally dozens of current and savings accounts available for the over-50s. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions constantly change and this adds to the confusion. There's no real solution other than to shop around or seek independent financial advice.

If you're happy looking for information on the internet, then you can take some of the effort out of shopping around by visiting a good comparison website. Although you won't be able to find advice, you can check out the best savings and current accounts. But it's always advisable to contact the institutions themselves to check the details of their offers, as they often change without notice.

Whether you would benefit from an over-50s' account or not depends on how much you have to deposit and whether you're prepared to use the internet to manage your finances – internet accounts typically pay a higher rate of interest.

It doesn't necessarily follow that over-50s' accounts will always offer better interest rates than a normal savings or current account, but they could include other services that may interest you, such as discounts on motor insurance.

While Chorley BS and Yorkshire BS will probably sound familiar, there will be others that you probably will not have heard of and you may need to look a little closer at their offers before you make a commitment.