"I was scammed out of £30,000 - but NatWest has paid me back the money - and 8% interest"

19 June 2019

CASE UPDATE: Regular readers will recall the story of JS of Basingstoke who was tricked into transferring £30,000 out of his account to fraudsters.

It was a sophisticated push-payment fraud, which started with a bogus phone call from a crook posing as a member of NatWest’s fraud team.

The caller knew JS’s address, his date of birth, his mother’s maiden name and his wife’s name, and warned that his account had been breached and he needed to take action.

It’s no surprise to me that people fall victim to this alarming scam – however, NatWest seemed to believe that it was JS’s fault for not taking necessary precautions.

Despite my appeals, it refused to help JS, so I advised him to take his case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

He’s just heard back and it’s great news – the FOS forced the bank to play fair with JS and has refunded all his cash, plus 8% interest for the time it was out of his account, as well as handing him £300 compensation.

He’s understandably chuffed at the result, and I hope it encourages NatWest to take a more reasonable approach to future victims of the scam.

It was one of the banks that has signed up to a new code of conduct that came into force at the end of May, which is designed to make it easier for victims to get their money back.

It doesn’t mean that victims will automatically get their money back. But it does mean banks will have to prove that people who fall prey to the fraud acted carelessly.

For instance, if you ignore warnings when setting up a new payee, then the bank will accuse you of being ‘careless’ and won’t repay your losses.

I suspect NatWest will be looking closely for evidence of carelessness!

OUTCOME: NatWest repays £30,000 plus interest



Hello, can you help me I believe I’ve been scammed out of £500000 and they are still calling me for investment.?


My wife responded to ad on line fo Citibank pension fund..one year bond paying over 3%
She followed the request to put £30000 in to a Barclays Sort code account and then received a bond certificate.
When phoning to ask for a hard copy of the bond the phone number had removed.No answer to emails.
She contacted Barclays and they are dragging their heels..the fraud dept they suggested we contact say nothing can be done following their investigation.
How can my Wife make Barclays accountable for releasing her money from their sort code over to the scammers
Help please

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