Are there drawbacks to switching banks?

15 January 2020


I have recently switched my current account to Lloyds Bank. Does switching your current account affect your credit rating? Are there any negatives to switching?



As part of the switching process, your new bank will carry out a search on your credit record. Although this search will show up on your credit record, it should not have any major impact on your credit rating.

If there are several searches carried out within a short timescale, that is when you may see a dip in your credit score. Frequent searches could be viewed as a sign you have financial issues and are constantly looking for more credit.

Switching should not cause you any problems, except perhaps a little inconvenience  – new bank details to give to your employer, new cards, PINs and online banking to get used to – but nothing to worry about, especially if it means you get a bank account that is more suitable for your needs.

Andrew Haggar is the founder of personal finance website

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Switching perks

HSBC Advance

Get £175 if you switch and open a linked 2.75% regular savings account

You must pay in £1,750 a month


Nationwide FlexDirect

5% interest on up to £2,500 for the first 12 months

Must pay in £1,000 a month


First Direct

Interest-free £250 overdraft



NatWest Reward

2% cashback on bills and £150 switching reward

£2 monthly fees and must pay in £1,500 a month