The best and worst rates for savings and ISAs

Published by Nathalie Bonney on 11 July 2011.
Last updated on 13 July 2011

Cash ISA

Savers earn interest tax-free so ISAs should be the first port of call for your money. Be prepared to move your cash after 12 months to an ISA that accepts transfers in. Note that the best ISA rates don't tend to allow this.

Lowest rate: 0.10% (£5)*
Highest rate: 3.35% (£170)
Average rate: 1.73% (£87)

Easy access

Ideal to build up an emergency pot of money. No penalties for withdrawing money, although interest rates tend to be lower.

Lowest rate: 0% (£0)
Highest rate: 3.01% (£153)
Average rate: 0.89% (£45)


These accounts are best for saving money you don't need to access instantly. Savers can withdraw their money without being penalised, provided they wait the notice period - this can be anything between 30 and 60 days.

Lowest rate: 0% (£0)
Highest rate: 3.30% (£168)
Average rate: 1.33% (£67)

One-year fixed- rate bonds

Best for savers with longer-term goals who have a lump sum to put away. Minimum deposits tend to be higher than other savings accounts though, and savers will forfeit their interest rates making early withdrawals.

Lowest rate: 0.17% (£9)
Highest rate: 3.55% (£180)
Average rate: 2.94% (£149)

Source: Moneyfacts, 16 June 2011.

*Interest amounts based on £5,000 deposits over 12 months.

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