Premium bonds vs savings accounts

Published by Jamie Stinson on 01 July 2013.
Last updated on 06 March 2014


NS&I has slashed the rates of some of its savings products, including its Direct ISA (down from 2.25% to 1.5%), Direct Saver (the rate has dropped from 1.5% to 1.1%), and its income bond (1.75% down to 1.25%).

As a result, some experts say now is the ideal opportunity for savers to place their money in NS&I premium bonds.

Danny Cox, head of financial planning at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: "Higher rate tax-paying savers shouldn't ignore NS&I premium bonds as an alternative to a savings account, where after-tax cash returns are paltry (the best easy-access account pays 1.75% gross, which is 1.05% net for higher-rate taxpayers and 0.96% for a top-rate taxpayer)."

Premium bonds offer investors the chance of winning tax-free cash prizes from £25 to up to £1 million in a monthly prize draw. You can cash-in your bonds at any time and they are backed by a government guarantee.

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"In some cases, investors should forgo the guarantee of a small amount of interest they will receive from taxable savings and invest in premium bonds, with the hope of winning tax-free prizes of at least the same amount, as they would have earned in after-tax interest.

"There is a chance of winning more and, of course, one person will win the monthly £1 million prize," Cox added.

According to NS&I, the odds of any £1 premium bond winning a cash price is 24,000 to one, while the odds of winning the £1 million monthly prize is 44 billion to one. NS&I said that prizes paid to bondholders would mean that the average savings rate works out at 1.5%. However, this is an average - some will earn more while others, as it's always worth remembering, will end up with less.

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