My money matters: Kate Garraway

Published by Rob Goodman on 13 July 2015.
Last updated on 13 July 2015

Kate Garraway

Tell us about your early career. Did you always want to be a journalist?

I wanted to be a vet as a child and even did quite a bit of work experience at our local vets. I loved it but when I realised you had to get A grades in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology A-levels (not my strengths), I knew it wasn't going to happen so I switched to English and History. My parents were relieved as I always wanted to bring abandoned animals home.

What was your first job in television?

I started in local radio and my first job was cleaning the 'carts', which in a pre-digital age were the cassettes everything was recorded on. I had to wipe recordings so they could be re-used (and make the tea, of course). My first job in television was as a reporter for Central News.

GMTV must have been great fun to work on. Do any particular memories stand out?

Oh yes, lots of fun.There is definitely a team spirit about getting up so early - 2.15am! We always had fun whether it was larking around in the studio or on location doing reports. I once did a series called 'Where on earth is Kate Garraway?' I had to travel to a different place in the world each day and viewers had to guess where I was going to crop up each morning.

I travelled five continents in five days! It was very exciting (and exhausting) and we ended up being the first TV crew in the world to broadcast live from the Pyramids in Egypt.

You have met some incredibly famous people, including film and sports stars. Who have you most enjoyed meeting?

It was wonderful during the London Olympics as we got to interview the competitors the morning after their triumphs. Also, it's always great interviewing film stars. My favourite is Tom Hanks – such a nice man.

Away from your TV career, what projects are you working on at the moment?

I have recently started at Smooth Radio with my own radio show between 10am and 1pm every day - so I am learning to be a DJ at the moment.

What's the best advice about money you've ever had?

When I moved from being a reporter on PAYE to a presenter and had to pay my own tax, a friend told me to set up a direct debit to immediately move the equivalent of my tax out of my current account into a savings account so you never think of that tax money as 'yours' – and make sure you have some money when it's time to pay up.

What skills have been most important in your success?

Listening is vital and curiosity to find out more is important, too.

What possession could you not live without?

My slow cooker. You can just chuck everything in and a lovely welcoming dinner is ready when you get home - however long the day.

What has been your biggest waste of money?


What has been the biggest indulgence you've ever bought?

A sparkly evening dress I bought when I first got my job at GMTV. I still wince at the price tag – but I do still love it and wear it 15 years later.

Does money make you happy?

No, but having money worries can make people very unhappy.

Kate Garraway co-hosts ITV's Good Morning Britain, presents a show on Smooth Radio and The National Lottery Draws on Saturday evenings for BBC One

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