HSBC launches 10% savings account

Published by Cathy Adams on 06 January 2011.
Last updated on 19 January 2011

10 percent

HSBC has launched a new regular savings account offering a whopping 10% interest, but the catch is it's only available to customers with an HSBC paid-for account.

The rate on the new HSBC Regular Saver is fixed for 12 months and savers must deposit between £25 and £250 a month.

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To qualify savers must deposit between £25 and £250 in the first month. The maximum balance then increases by £250 each month, so if you only deposit £100 in month two you can invest £400 in the next month to a maximum balance of £3,000.

If you deposit the maximum of £3,000, you will earn approximately £163 in gross interest after the year is up, provided you deposit money in your account as soon as you open it.

However, the account comes with a slew of conditions. No withdrawals can be made in the 12-month period – if you close your account, interest will be charged at HSBC's flexible saver rate for the entirety of the period.

In addition, you must hold a qualifying HSBC account to apply, as the monthly payments must come out of an HSBC account.

The 10% rate is only available to HSBC Advance, HSBC Graduate (Advance) and HSBC Passport customers - all of which are fee-paying accounts.

10% is also payable to customers holding the HSBC Premier account, which requires customers to have a mortgage of at least £300,000 with the bank and income of £100,000 or £50,000 of savings or investments. A lower 5% rate is available to HSBC customers with simpler accounts.

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The account can be opened online, but once opened, it can only be managed in branch or on the telephone. If you would prefer online banking, consider looking elsewhere for a good home for your savings.

If you do open an account, remember to move your money after the 12-month anniversary. After this initial year, savings will be swept into a Flexible Saver (paying 0.5%), Preferential Flexible Saver (paying 0.1%) or a Premier Savings account (paying 0.1%).  

Savings accounts only available to existing customers have becoming more common recently. Another such account that rewards existing customers is from First Direct, which pays 5% interest on its regular saver. 

Louise Holmes, spokesperson for financial website Moneyfacts, says: "There has been a slight increase in the number of providers which require you to hold existing products with them such as a current account or a mortgage. Providers want to get as many customers in as possible by offering preferential rates."


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