Best Children's Investment Scheme 2015

Published by Mark King on 29 December 2014.
Last updated on 29 December 2014

Best Children's Investment Scheme 2015

For parents whose children are not eligible for Junior Isas or those who want more control over their cash, a children's investment plan can offer access to a range of investment trusts at a low cost.

For the fourth year in a row, Aberdeen Asset Managers' Investment Plan for Children takes top spot. With a minimum lump sum of £150 or £30 a month, the plan has no initial or annual admin fees.

"Aberdeen offers an affordable range of funds which would suit most parents and grandparents," says judge Gordon Wilson. "The fund range is wider than much of the competition and performance in many of their range has been excellent."

Jamie Donald agrees: "Aberdeen offer a strong fund range with some excellent fund choice options for the longer-term investor. The plan charges are also very competitive, making it a strong overall product offering."

Highly commended is JPMorgan Asset Management's (JPAM) Designated Account, which has a low minimum investment of £50 a month or a £500 lump sum and £100 top-up. Rees said: "JPAM has a long track record for providing consumers quality investment products. While this product has a higher level premium commitment and a purchase charge of £10, for a more intrepid investor it could be worth paying if the investment returns are strong."

Best Children's Investment Scheme 2015

Winner: Aberdeen Investment Plan for Children
Number of investment trusts available: 16
Minimum investment: £30 a month or £150 lump sum
Contact: 0500 00 00 40
Highly commended: JPMorgan Asset Management’s Designated Account

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