First Home Saver (Issue 2) Ex/C - Cumberland

First Home Saver (Issue 2) Ex/C

2.5 % AER
Headline Interest Rate
90 days notice
Compensation Scheme
£ 100 min initial deposit
Unlimited max balance
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About the account

Account Type: Notice Account
Headline Interest Rate: 2.5 % AER
Headline Interest Balance: £ 100
Protection Scheme: This account is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
Minimum Initial Deposit: £ 100
Date account was introduced: 12 Mar 2013
Date of last rate changed: 12 Mar 2013
Maximum rate change: 0.25 %

This account may be appropriate for you if

  • Your are happy to give 90 days notice before accessing your money
  • You are over 16 years of age

Rate details

Gross Rate
Excluding Bonus
Gross Rate
Including Bonus

Account access

Open account byManage account by
Interest Payment Option
Interest Added to Account
Interest Paid to Other A/c
Interest Paid to Bank A/c
Interest Paid by Cheque
Interest Payment Frequency: annually
Minimum Balance: £ 100
Maximum Balance: Unlimited
Statement Frequency: annually
Additional Deposits: Not allowed
Standing Orders: Not allowed
Passbook: Passbook available.


Withdrawal Conditions: Instant access is permitted to withdraw funds to pay for a Cumberland Building Society mortgage deposit after which remaining balance is transferred to an alternative account or withdrawn, and the account is closed. All other withdrawals are subject to 90 days notice or the loss of 90 days interest on the money withdrawn.
Minimum Withdrawal: £ 1
Notice and Penalty Charge: Withdrawals are subject to 90 days notice or the loss of 90 days interest on the money withdrawn.
Free Withdrawal Conditions: Free withdrawals are not permitted.


Existing Customer: Customers must hold a Cumberland Current Account for a minimum of 6 months prior to account opening.
Area Restrictions: Only available to first time buyers living in Cumbria, Dumfriesshire, Preston area of North Lancashire and Haltwhistle area of Northumberland.
Additional Subscriptions Permitted: This account does not let you transfer ISA savings from a deceased spouse

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