Rising dental bills: know the facts

4 May 2011

On April 1 prices for dental treatments increased.

All dental treatments are priced within three bands. Rather than pricing each treatment individually what you pay depends upon what band your treatment falls into.

But what each of those bands cover is not always made clear.

Here, Moneywise breaks down the NHS price plan.

Band One

The price of all treatments in band one increased by 50p meaning any treatment in this band will cost £17. This includes check ups, diagnosis, advice, x-rays and a scale and polish.

Band Two

The price for band two treatments has increased by £1.40 to £47. This price includes ALL treatments in Band 1 along with additional treatments such as fillings, teeth extractions and root canals. This means if you have to have an x-ray and a filling you will pay £47 in total, not £47 for the filling and £17 for the x-ray.

Band Three

Band three is now charged at £204, an increase of £6. This price includes all treatments in bands one and two along with more complicated treatments like crowns, dentures and bridges. You do not have to pay for denture repairs.

The NHS states if you need more treatment from the same band or lower within two months of your initial treatment you won't have to pay anything extra. If it's after two months, though, you will have to pay an additional band charge.

Emergency dental treatment (including out-of-hours treatment) will be charged at a separate cost of £17.


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