Which property improvements add value? Find out using our Home Renovation tool

30 August 2017

Perhaps you’re thinking of carrying out a few home improvements to make your living area more spacious? Or are you looking for ways to increase the value of your home before you sell?

Either way, it pays to know which home renovations will add value, avoiding ones that will soak up your money without offering enough of an advantage.

To help, Towergate Insurance has developed a handy online tool to show the value of different home improvements – from adding a fireplace or re-decorating the exterior of your home to carrying out major plans such as adding a garage or single-storey extension.

Simply key in the value of your house to see the average cost of various renovation projects, how much they will typically go up in value and your estimated profit.

For example, if you live in an average priced house of £223,257 (according to the latest UK House Price Index data), adding a loft will cost you £17,500, increasing the value of your property by £33,489 and giving you an estimated profit of £15,989.

If you are on a tighter budget, adding decking to your garden will cost around £2,175 and will increase the value of a typical house by £4,465, giving you £2,290 profit.

To see which improvements will add value to your home, use the tool below: 

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Could not get this site to work either.

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Why don't you put some realistic help on here for the people in the North East of England can improve the value of our homes who have values of far below your average house values, its about time this North South divide became a little bit more fair.

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This site doesn't work properly, very frustrating and annoying

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