Halifax makes matters worse

21 May 2012


I share a joint Halifax mortgage with my ex-husband; although I've moved out of the house my name is still on the documents and will remain so until the mortgage is paid off. However, last July I received a statement that showed the mortgage as solely in my name.I realised this must have been a simple error and so my ex-husband went into a branch to sort it out. But he was told the matter couldn't be discussed with him as I was the sole name on the policy. Staff even insinuated that I had changed the paperwork behind his back.As things were rather unstable between us the situation quickly escalated and we ended up paying for several pricey solicitors meetings and letters to try to rectify the situation.Finally, Halifax admitted it made a mistake and in October we were told we would get some kind of compensation.However, we've yet to receive anything and I've tried calling but heard nothing back. The bank hasn't even had the courtesy to apologise to us. Please help as there seems to be little else we can do.
Mel Masters/Cornwall


Divorce is difficult enough without your mortgage provider sewing seeds of mistrust.

Halifax made a mistake here that had huge consequences for Mel and her ex-husband. To then admit the mistake but fail to pay the promised compensation just pours salt on the wound.

Moneywise got in touch with the press office to find out what was going on. Halifax promptly apologised for the mistake and explained that it had been a result of an error on the computer system.

Emma Palmer, spokesperson for Halifax, says: "The account has since been rectified and now shows correctly in joint names. However, we are aware that this error caused unnecessary distress for Mrs Masters at a difficult time. In recognition of this, we've offered her £250."

Although the money is appreciated, it doesn't come close to covering both Mel and her ex's legal fees. We pointed this out to Halifax and it agreed to give another £250 to cover Mr Masters' costs. Hopefully, its staff are getting a bit of retraining about casting aspersions too.