Are you wasting money on your mobile phone?

Published by on 23 May 2011.
Last updated on 23 May 2011

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Change your tariff

According to comparison website Billmonitor, British mobile phone users waste an average £195 a year on bills simply because they're on the wrong contract. The study shows 76% of people on monthly deals are paying more than they need to - 52% of us are on a tariff too large for our needs. On average, we use just a quarter of our monthly calling allowance.

Many mobile phone users, however, are unaware they can change their tariff during their contract. At o2, for example, you can move to a higher tariff at any time or downgrade your tariff once you're halfway through your contract.
Check your data usage

When smartphones first came on the market, most providers offered unlimited data downloads. But as more and more of us opted for smartphones, they began to clamp down. Now, despite calling it 'unlimited', most providers have a data limit. Go over it and you'll pay.

For example, Vodafone will charge you £5 per 500MB if you exceed your tariff. So if you know you'll exceed your limit, ask your provider for a 'bolt-on' (an extra package of minutes, text or data allowance).

Go Pay-As-you-Go

If the hike in data costs forces you to stop downloading apps, disconnect your emails and kiss social networking goodbye, why not revert to a good old-fashioned pay-as-you-go (PAYG) phone? If you're paying £30 a month for your phone but only make a couple of calls, you may be better off topping up by £10 on a PAYG tariff and saving yourself up to £240 a year.


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