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My husband retired early. Should he sign on or wait for his pension to mature?

Friday, 14 December 2018 | Question and Answer

What your husband has done is absolutely fine. If his health is particularly bad, he may be entitled to state benefits or even to access his Teachers’ Pensions scheme early without penalty through ill-health retirement.

Do I have to leave half my annuity to my ex-wife?

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 | Question and Answer

It is impossible to comment on your particular annuity as I do not know anything about the original pension arrangement or why you were given only one annuity option.

Care home provider Care UK faces legal action after refusing to pay customers £3 million in compensation over 'misleading' fees

Monday, 10 December 2018 | News

Care UK, one of the UK’s largest care home providers, is refusing to pay £3 million in compensation over claims it ripped off customers.

Historic rise in state pension age could cost people up to £8,000

Thursday, 06 December 2018 | News

The state pension age is rising today for millions of people, potentially costing them thousands of pounds.

Pensions dashboard launch set for 2019, but without state pension information

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 | News

The first pensions dashboard will be launched in 2019, but state pension data will not be available straight away.

Tower of London's Beefeaters could go on strike over pension scheme closure

Thursday, 29 November 2018 | News

Historic Royal Palaces staff including Beefeaters and Jewel House Wardens could go on strike over proposed closure of their final salary pension scheme.

Millions will miss out on their dream retirement unless they save more says Aviva as it calls for auto enrolment minimum rise to 12.5%

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 | News

People's dreams of exotic holidays or living abroad when they retire are not realistic based on current savings levels, according to Aviva.

Just one in 10 eligible for Power of Attorney refund has claimed - make sure you don't miss out

Monday, 26 November 2018 | News

Just one in 10 people eligible for a Power of Attorney refund has claimed, according to a mutual insurer Royal London.

UK state pension should be means tested, says International Monetary Fund

Friday, 23 November 2018 | News

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on the UK government to consider means-testing the state pension.

BBC warns unless over-75s pay for a TV licence it may have to "fundamentally change" with cuts to service

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 | News

The BBC says it may have to cut services unless over-75s start paying the licence fee, as it launched a consultation on the matter.