How snoring could boost your retirement income

8 May 2013

Does your partner snore? Does it drive you crazy? Well, next time you are struggling to sleep start counting the pounds because snoring could earn you a pretty penny when you retire.

Sufferers of sleep apnoea, which causes heavy snoring, could stand to receive an extra £12,000 in income over the course of their retirement with an enhanced annuity, according to MGM Advantage.

That's £600 a year.

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Good vices

And it's not just snoring that can boost your retirement income. A glass of red wine a night or a crafty cigarette can make you eligible for an enhanced annuity too.

These annuities pay out more as the person buying them isn't expected to live as long as a perfectly healthy bad habit-free pensioners.

So admit to everything you can think of on your annuity application forms, it could inflate your income.

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