Five tips for a successful move abroad

10 November 2011

1. Visit

Visit where you plan to live. You may have loved somewhere on a holiday but is it actually a suitable place for you to live? Will you be able to find work?

2. Medical clearance

Sort out any medical checks required at an early stage - you don't want your move to be held up because of some obscure medical hiccup.

3. Visa

Leave plenty of time to arrange your visa. This can take up to a year in some countries, including Australia.

4. Sort finances

Get your finances in order before you leave. Think about setting up new bank accounts and how you will manage any UK commitments such as a mortgage. An offshore account can be a tax-efficient home for savings and investments.

5. Expert advice

Take advice from an expatriate tax adviser such as the Fry Group (01903 231545) to protect your savings and investments.

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