Will I always get more for my state pension?

20 February 2019


I worked full-time until the end of February 2016, retiring at the age of 68. I had earlier elected to defer taking my state pension so I was pleasantly surprised to be informed by the Department for Works & Pensions that I would be receiving the sum of £190.16 weekly as state pension plus a further £59.71 a week as extra state pension, giving a total of £249.87 a week.

At the time of claiming, I was given the choice of taking the extra state pension as a lump sum of £30,435.63 but I chose to receive it as income. Having now been in receipt of this for almost three years, my question is: does this extra state pension continue ad infinitum or does it ‘run out’ when the £30,453.63 total has been reached? As you can imagine, an extra £60 a week as one grows older is not to be sniffed at!



As you reached state pension age before 6 April 2016, you were given the option of a lump sum or an increase to your state pension when you chose to defer starting to take your pension. The increase to your weekly pension that you get now you’ve started drawing will continue for the rest of your life, so could well work out to be far more than the lump sum you were offered.

The lump sum option on deferring your state pension is no longer offered to people whose state pension age is on or after 6 April 2016.

How to defer your state pension

When you reach state pension age, you don’t have to start taking your state pension. Delay taking your pension by nine weeks or more and you’ll get a boost to your weekly amount when you do start claiming your pension.

For every nine weeks you defer, your state pension will rise by 1% to reflect the money you didn’t claim. If you are due the full state pension, deferring by a year would add £493 annually.

If you want to defer your state pension, you don’t need to do anything. When you are within two months of hitting state pension age, you should receive a letter from the government telling you how to claim it. If you don’t do anything, it will automatically be deferred.