Have I lost the pension benefits i've accrued?

4 November 2014


I was previously a member of a non-contributory final salary pension scheme with a large employer for more than three years. When I left this employer, I assumed I would have a ‘frozen' pension entitlement, as I have with other employers. However, when I enquired I was told that as my pension was a non-contributory one, all the benefits I had accrued were lost. Is this correct?


Many years ago the rules were a little different but assuming you left this company relatively recently and you were a member of the pension scheme for three years then you will have built up a pension benefit under the scheme.

Pension rules mean that – generally speaking – once you have been a member of a pension scheme for more than two years, you will be entitled to a benefit from it.

If you were employed by the company for three years but a member of the pension scheme for a period of less than two years – for example, if they had a waiting period to join the scheme – the position may be different and you may not be entitled to any benefits.

I would ask the scheme for details, and confirmation of your position.

Andrew Tully is pensions technical director at MGM Advantage